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FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 4:00pm PDT
the mother confirmed fatality. crystal campbell. >> our hearts are broken. everybody that knew her loved her. she loved everybody. >> she had a heart of gold. we are learning that mom thought her daughter survived the blast, according to a friend's facebook post the family learned the truth when they got to the hospital and realized the patient in the room, it was not their daughter after all. she was carrying a friend's i.d.. we don't know name yet of the third person killed but boston university is now confirming the victim was graduate student there. the school not releasing the name because they are waiting permission from the family. >> some doctors finished running the marathon and went straight to work treating the victims. that is one of the stories how boston's world class medical staffers are inspiring this city in this nation. it was one of the most chilling images we saw as the news first broke. we're not showing you worst part what the blast did to a man's leg. an update how he is doing. from the journalists from fox news, as news broke that pieces of the bomb that exploded ther
FOX News
Apr 17, 2013 4:00pm PDT
exploded. other two 8-year-old martin richard and 29-year-old chris krystle campbell. today we got update how some of them are doing. mike tobin was at the hospital a little bit earlier. is he live at the church where tomorrow president obama is set to attend a prayer service that we will cover certainly. but, mike, first, what do we know about those still in the hospital and their condition tonight? >> you know, bill, the news coming out of the hospitals overall is optimistic. doctors don't anticipate any further loss of life and they don't anticipate the need for any amputations. that being said, there is a somber note coming out of boston medical. doctors warning to keep a sharp out for post-traumatic stress. >> ptsd is not just about the patients it's about their families as well. we work with them from the beginning. there is no, as far as i know, any magic bullets to prevent this. but we need to, again, it's a process and evolves over time and it's something, again, that people need not to forget about that it's something that can be with these patients forever. >> now, hospitals di
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2